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Selling on Amazon means your product has the opportunity to reach millions of avid buyers. But it may also make your brand vulnerable to Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations. Monitoring and enforcing your MAP policy on Amazon can be daunting, and extremely time-consuming unless you utilize an Amazon price tracking software. And work with an enforcement team with Amazon expertise. Yeah! That’s us.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Amazon Price Tracking Software | Amazon MAP Monitoring

FrigginYeah!’s Amazon price tracking software provides timely monitoring of your brand’s MAP on Amazon.  Our platform offers complete monitoring of prices on all Amazon retail sellers.  We also monitor authorized and unauthorized 3P sellers.  Data is provided in an easy to use dashboard so you can keep tabs on your brand’s MAP policy on Amazon.  So don’t undertake the tedious and time-consuming process of monitoring your brand on Amazon, expending valuable human capital. Instead, automate monitoring with an Amazon price tracking software, so you can monitor your MAP around the clock and stay on top of your MAP policy.

  • Regularly Automate MAP Monitoring
  • Get Accurate Data On MAP Violators
  • Easily Find & Enforce MAP Rules
  • Protect Your Brand & Your Prices

You don’t just need the Amazon price tracking software to monitor your MAP, you also need to be able to enforce it.  After all, what good is a policy if you can’t track it and enforce it.  With FrigginYeah we provide you with all the violation data points necessary to help you bring your resellers in to MAP compliance. Though, unauthorized 3P sellers often seek cover in another Marketplace heightening the importance of tracking and monitoring MAP for your brand across multiple channels.

Amazon is responsible for a fair amount of MAP violations and along with other large retailers, violates MAP by the largest dollar amounts and the most frequently.  So take control of your brand, and your revenue, with an Amazon price tracking software.  FrigginYeah! Amazon price tracking software puts the comprehensive MAP violation data you need in your hands, when you need it.  It only takes one seller to ruin your brand’s pricing with a MAP violation, don’t let it be the big one.  Monitor your brand’s prices with FrigginYeah! Amazon price tracking software and stay on top of your pricing policies and in control of your 3P resellers.

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