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Consumers come to their online purchases savvy and armed with price and product comparisons from a variety of sources. While browsing online marketplaces, shoppers are always looking for the best deal and Bing Shopping is no exception to this trend. Trying to keep up with your products’ prices and 3P sellers on Bing can be daunting, and seem practically impossible. Unless you utilize a Bing Shopping price monitoring software, then you can easily access the pricing data you are looking for. Yeah! It’s that easy.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Bing Shopping Price Monitoring Software | MAP Monitoring

Bing Shopping is a site that gives buyers a timesaving application by bringing products from multiple sellers to a single website. Bing Shopping provides a great opportunity for brands to display their products and hopefully close the sale. However, this highly competitive platform easily provides opportunities for unauthorized sellers and MAP violations. FrigginYeah!’s Bing Shopping price monitoring software puts data on your products’ pricing right at your fingertips.

  • Stay on top of prices on Bing Shopping
  • Save time, automate price monitoring
  • Get daily reports and MAP violation alerts
  • Own your brand on Bing Shopping

Our Bing Shopping price monitoring software gets you up-to-date data on your 3P sellers and products’ prices. You will get daily reports on who is selling your products (authorized or not), at what price, and who is violating your MAP agreement. This puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to enforcing your MAP policy and staying in control of your brand on Bing Shopping.

Staying informed has never been easier with our Bing Shopping price monitoring software. Our Bing Shopping price monitoring software gives you comprehensive pricing data for any set of products you designate. Easy to read and analyze reports are delivered to you daily with fresh pricing and MAP violation data points. Look at the market as a whole or drill down to specific metrics and details. Use the data provided by our Bing Shopping price monitoring software to set your MAP enforcement strategy, protect your margins, and increase your revenue.

If you are ready to give your brand a competitive edge on Bing, contact us for a demonstration of our Bing Shopping price monitoring software. See firsthand how we can help your brand stay in control of your resellers on the Bing Shopping marketplace. Don’t waste valuable manpower trying to monitor prices on Bing, get our daily reports delivered right to your inbox and put the data to work for you. Yeah! We got this.

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