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Protecting your brand online is an important but time-consuming job. Unless you have a Brand MAP protection software program with automated pricing surveillance and unauthorized seller protection. Yeah! It’s a thing. We can help you turn data into action and protect your brand and your bottom line.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Brand MAP Protection Software | Brand Pricing Monitoring

The use of a brand Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) protection software can monitor your MAP pricing and identify who is selling your product so that you can protect your brand effectively and quickly. In today’s e-commerce environment, brands are more vulnerable than ever to unauthorized sellers and MAP agreement violations. Brands lose equity and value every day as advertised prices are pushed lower and unknown third-party sellers emerge. A Brand MAP protection software can monitor MAP violations and give you actionable data to start enforcing your MAP and stop unauthorized sellers. You can’t protect your brand from what you can’t see.

  • Automate price monitoring, save hours of manual labor
  • Get accurate, up-to-date pricing data delivered daily
  • Easily identify MAP violators and enforce your policy
  • Protect your brand equity and your bottom line!

A Brand MAP protection software keeps you informed about MAP violations across your reseller network so you can safeguard your brand integrity. When a MAP violation occurs you’ll be alerted so you can take immediate action to remove the violator before it negatively affects your brand. A Brand MAP protection software will also identify unauthorized or rogue sellers so you can eliminate them before they damage your brand’s reputation. Automated online monitoring will not only protect your brand image and online integrity, but it will also protect your margins and increase your revenue.

Take control of your brand and contact FrigginYeah! for a demo of our Brand MAP protection software. Our software works around the clock to automate data collection from hundreds of e-commerce platforms and retailers to keep you in the know about your brand’s prices. Our analytics platform gives you the insight you need to fully understand the selling environment for your brand and take the necessary steps to protect your brand value and enforce your MAP policy. Yeah! Your brand is worth it.

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