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We understand how hard you have worked to build your brand. That’s why it is important for you to protect your brand equity by being careful who you work with and denoting your value in your reseller MAP agreements. But staying on top of your products’ prices and monitoring your MAP can be a nightmare in the online space. Don’t worry, we can help. With our MAP monitoring software, we help brands to turn data into action and help you safeguard your brand. Yeah! Let’s do this.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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MAP Monitoring Software | MAP Protection Tool

When you invest in our MAP monitoring software, you’ll be able to increase your revenue, reduce your costs and quality check your resellers’ product listings with a single, easy-to-use interface. We set up our platform to automate monitoring of your product’s MAP pricing can begin sending you data usually in 24 hours. We have MAP monitoring software for all the big retailers and online marketplaces and we’re adding new marketplaces all the time.

  • Get accurate pricing data across all marketplaces
  • Save time, automate reseller monitoring
  • Get personalized reports and reseller price alerts
  • Protect your brand with reseller monitoring

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