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Buyers have more options than ever to research products before they make their purchases - most recently gaining access to price comparison sites. PriceGrabber gives consumers easy access to price-comparison shopping and product information. This makes it harder than ever for your brand to stay on top of your resellers’ prices and MAP violations. Unless you utilize a PriceGrabber price monitoring software, then you can get this information in your hands easily and put your brand in control of the marketplace. Yeah! We do that.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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PriceGrabber Price Monitoring Software | MAP Monitor Tool

FrigginYeah!’s PriceGrabber price monitoring software gives you the data you need to identify MAP violators and enforce your MAP policy. PriceGrabber is a leading e-commerce platform that connects millions of shoppers each month with thousands of merchants. All it takes is one seller violating your MAP agreement to lead to volumes of lost revenue in this competitive marketplace. Our PriceGrabber price monitoring software helps keep you in control by putting important data on 3p sellers and prices right in your inbox.

  • Stay current on your brand's prices on PriceGrabber
  • Save hours by automating price monitoring
  • Get alerted as soon as MAP violations appear
  • Stay in control of your brand on PriceGrabber!

FrigginYeah! PriceGrabber price monitoring software is easy to implement so you can get your brand started monitoring the marketplace right away. Data is updated after regular business hours so you are never behind and always have the latest information available. Customized reports are delivered to your inbox and can provide an overview snapshot or more detailed metrics. Set automated alerts so that important changes are communicated to you right away. In this current e-commerce landscape where potential buyers have easy access to comparison shopping sites and information, no brand should be without the ability to track their products’ prices. Our PriceGrabber price monitoring software is a platform that can help you do this, quickly and effectively. Don’t burn through precious manpower manually trying to stay current on your products’ prices when our PriceGrabber price monitoring software can automatically deliver this data to you in an actionable report.

No brand can afford to be without important price monitoring data. Contact FrigginYeah! for a free demo of our PriceGrabber price monitoring software and see how we can help you stay in control of your brand. Improve your profitability and protect your brand equity by stopping MAP violations and unauthorized sellers as soon as they appear. Yeah! Let’s do this.

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