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The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and consumers have a plethora of options for researching and shopping before they make a purchase. Rakuten is one of the largest global e-commerce sites and among the world’s largest by sales. You don’t want your brand to miss out on this purchasing power, but this competitive marketplace can leave your brand vulnerable to rogue sellers and MAP violations. Unless you have a Rakuten price monitoring software to automate the MAP monitoring for you. Yeah! We can help.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Rakuten Price Monitoring Software | MAP Monitor Tool

Rakuten offers consumers another way to shop online offering cash back, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services. With over 12 million members in the US, Rakuten can drive a lot of motivated buyers to your product. But all it takes is just one MAP violator on this platform to damage your margins and your brand.

  • Stay on top of prices on Rakuten
  • Automate monitoring and save hours
  • Daily custom reports and MAP violation alerts
  • Own your brand on Rakuten

FrigginYeah!’s Rakuten price monitoring software automatically tracks your products’ prices so you know who is selling your products and at what price. Our Rakuten price monitoring software gives you the data you need to optimally set your MAP policy enforcement strategy, so you turn that data into action to better your bottom line. Don’t get left behind, protect your brand equity with Rakuten MAP monitoring.

Our Rakuten price monitoring software is easy to implement and set up, and we can usually get you going right away. Our dynamic reports put key pricing data at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions. We retrieve and update product prices after normal business hours, so you always have access to fresh data in your inbox. When you use our Rakuten price monitoring software you’ll get detailed reports and automated MAP violation alerts on your designated products. Reports can be customized to your detail preferences to make analysis easy and efficient for your team. So when you want to stay current on Rakuten MAP monitoring, our Rakuten price monitoring software can help.

Don’t let your brand get left behind on Rakuten, contact our team at FrigginYeah! for your free demonstration and we can show you what our Rakuten price monitoring software can do to protect your brand. Your success is our business. Yeah! We got you.

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