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If you’ve landed a spot with the retail big leagues, you’re already getting in front a lot of potential purchasers. And you want to make sure your product is priced competitively to bring those purchasers to your brand. Monitoring prices for the big box retailers is not easy, but it is important. A big box retailers price monitoring software can put important pricing data for your competitors in your hands to give you the best chance of turning the plethora of big box browsers into your buyers. Yeah! We can do this.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Big-Box Store Retailer Price Monitoring Software | MAP Monitoring

Consumers seek out the big box retailers to get the best deal on the products they are looking to purchase.  Most consumers price shop and go where the lowest price is. This ever-evolving pricing landscape can make it impossible for you to keep up with your major competitors and stay on top of which retailer is violating your MAP.  You need a big box retailer price monitoring software to put essential, comprehensive competitive pricing data and MAP violation reports at your fingertips. Easy to analyze, dynamic reports can help you set your pricing strategy and stay agile in the big box marketplace.

  • Ensure Fair & Competitive Pricing
  • Stay On Top of Big-Box Retailors
  • Track Pricing Over Time To Monitor Trends
  • Know What Others Are Doing WIth Your Brand

Big box retailers price monitoring software tracks data over time to give you the big picture on sales at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target and other retail giants. You can understand how prices and promotions change over time and pinpoint which retailer might be leading MAP violations.  Monitoring prices at these retailers is not easy, but with the right price monitoring software, we can make it seem that way. Get comprehensive, actionable,  easy to analyze data on big-box retailer prices. FrigginYeah!’s big box retailers price monitoring software gives you the key metrics you need properly set your pricing strategy to give your brand a competitive edge and stay on top of those retailers trying to circumvent your minimum advertised price policy.

You’ve made it to the retailing big leagues, but you can’t stop with that.  To keep your brand ahead of your competition you need to stay informed on the market and how you compare.  You can’t afford the manpower to manually track ever-changing pricing at the big box retailers, you need a price monitoring software to deliver this data in a simple, powerful dashboard.  You need an efficient but powerful solution. Yeah! We got this.

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