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Price Monitoring

Effective MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) compliance starts with comprehensive price monitoring, extending beyond just Amazon. It's crucial to include a broad range of retailers like Walmart, Wayfair, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, and more, across both the US and Canada. We track over 10,000 sellers to ensure thorough MAP violation monitoring.

MAP Compliance Tools

To safeguard your brand, we equip you with a suite of tools, including MAP Violation Reports, a Seller Contact Database, Enforcement Letter Templates, the capability to differentiate between Authorized and Unauthorized Sellers, and partner brands who will share strategies and tactics they’ve used to enforce compliance in some of the most challenging scenarios.

Monitoring hundreds of Retailers.

Don’t let MAP enforcement be
a challenge for your brand.

Enforcing MAP policies can be challenging across various retail platforms, requiring extensive monitoring of prices, engaging with retailers who breach your MAP agreements, and managing concerns from partners about price disparities. This process, while ensuring your brand's reputation remains intact, demands considerable time and vigilance, underscoring the critical nature of maintaining your brand's integrity in a competitive market landscape.

Price Wars!

Ignoring MAP violations can spark a price war, slashing profits and devaluing a brand you've spent blood, sweat, and tears to build. Such a scenario deters consumer trust and retailer partnerships, undermining your brand's market presence and value and potentially reducing consumer conversions and loyal retailers from restocking your products.

Brand Erosion

Enforcing a MAP policy is crucial for maintaining your brand's prestige. Selling products below the set minimum advertised price risks damaging your brand's image. Without diligent MAP monitoring and MAP enforcement, your brand could gradually lose its value and appeal from consumers and retailers alike.

Channel Conflict

When retailers and third-party sellers on marketplaces ignore your MAP policy, it creates tension with your existing retail partners. Moreover, a dirty channel can deter potential new retailers from agreeing to your MAP or reseller agreements, making it challenging to expand your distribution network.


"We were on our third MAP software provider when we contacted FrigginYeah. Long delays, blocked websites, and bad data kept us looking. FrigginYeah has helped us more than any other MAP service in protecting our brand." - Claude Bernier, Vice-President of IT at South Shore Furniture

Beyond Amazon MAP monitoring.

Price monitoring on Amazon is for sure part of what we do. But getting Amazon to comply to your MAP policy is near impossible for the majority of brands. Amazon will tell you to clean your channel up and if everyone is complying it will dynamically reprice based on what the market is charging. That is why you need a comprehensive strategy for MAP monitoring violation that includes at least the major retailers like Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more.


Thousands of Retailers, tens of thousands of Sellers.

A brand cannot pass on the benefit of minimum advertised price monitoring on more than Amazon. Some brands only sell on Amazon, we've got you covered, but there are other brands that have hundreds of e-commerce and regional retailers, and we've got you covered, too. There are three main classes of MAP violations on Amazon. First, Amazon as a 1P, is violating of your MAP policy. The second is authorized 3P sellers violating your MAP or Reseller Agreements. The third is unauthorized 3P sellers selling below your MAP. Each of these has different paths to travel to gain compliance.

Why FrigginYeah?

Comprehensive Coverage

Minimum advertised price monitoring on more websites than Amazon ensures your brand has no blind spots. Additionally, if you want Amazon, as a 1P, to comply with your MAP policy, then you need to ensure that you don't have a dirty channel. You might not be monitoring other retailers yet, but Amazon is.


Scale comes in many sizes. For price monitoring scale is the number of SKUs, how many retailers, and the frequency a brand would like to monitor. Exposing MAP violators can sometimes be the Wild West, and to gain MAP compliance requires tenacity, reach, and a couple of shots of whiskey.

MAP Monitoring

MAP monitoring is our primary vertical, which revolves around our strength in web scraping for product monitoring. Connect your PIM solution to our MAP monitoring software and get valuable insights, including MAP violations, out-of-stock reports, product reviews, and product price history.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Tailored for e-commerce businesses to boost marketplace visibility. Highlights keyword ranking's role in increasing discoverability and sales. Offers analytics and SEO and Sponsored insights for competitive differentiation. A holistic approach to track and enhance keyword performance, improving online presence and market success.

Product Review Monitoring

Empowers brands with the ability to track customer feedback across major online platforms. This service highlights the significance of product reviews in shaping brand perception and improving customer satisfaction. With real-time alerts and comprehensive analysis, businesses can swiftly address concerns and leverage positive reviews, enhancing their reputation and fostering trust with consumers.

Price Surveys

Price Surveys powered by e-commerce price monitoring, we are integrated into several retailers for hyper-local price surveys for CPG and DIY home improvement products, including Amazon Fresh, Total Wine & More, 7-Eleven, goPuff, DoorDash, Home Depot, Lowes, and Canadian DIY retailers, including,,,,

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