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High-quality, timely, and accurate competitive price monitoring data from all the major Retail and Marketplace eCommerce websites.

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Automated Competitive Price Monitoring.

Know your Competitors’ products to improve your eCommerce Strategy!

Staying competitive in an increasingly complex and evolving selling atmosphere isn’t easyBut with FrigginYeah!’s competitive monitoring software, we empower you with competitive pricing intelligence so you can improve your price competitiveness and profits. We provide high-quality, timely, and accurate price monitoring data from all the major Retail and Marketplace e-commerce websites.

Track Across Hundreds of Sites

The world, well in this case, the internet, is your oyster. Tell us who you want to montior, where you would like to monitor, for what products, and leave the rest up to us.

Product Content Review

We do all the hard work for you. You let us know your products and your MAP, and we configure our scrapers from there.

Price Threshold Alerts

Our automated price monitoring software will apply any threshold alerts you set and let you know when a competitive product has increased or decreased in pricing.

Software and a Service

We do all the hardwork for you. You let us know your products and your MAP and we configure our scrapers from there.


Omni-Channel Visibility

Amazon, Walmart, eBay Price Monitoring, and more!

Price monitoring software automatically tracks your Competitors’ product pricing across hundreds of websites. You can easily benchmark your product next to your Competitor’s product by retailer, by SKU, or even by region. Gain insight where you might have only had snippets of information before.

100’s of Retailers

Access to hundreds of Retailers or even tens of thousands of retailers by leveraging Google Shopping. If that is too much, no problem, we can price monitor and give you higher velocity data.

Voice of the Customer

What are folks saying about your Competitors’ products? What is their average star rating, or review velocity? Are there recurring themes you can capitalize on in your positioning?

Don’t want a UI? No problem

We can configure delivery of our price monitoring data via email, dropbox, FTP (if you are a dinosaur), and even set up our RESTful API for you to make programmatic calls to.

Gain that competitive edge

Our competitive monitoring software provides the data you need to know exactly where you stand in the market so that you can adjust boost sales for your product.

Custom Implementations

Like what you see, but it’s not what you want?

If we had a nickel for every time we heard “That would be cool if you could do...” we’d probably have two nickels. But seriously, we are a price monitoring company at heart. But the core of price monitoring is product monitoring, and there are a host of other use-cases we support using the same skill set we’ve developed becoming the best MAP company around. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, as we are always happy to spit ball new ideas, and if it's something we can build, then we are happy to tackle it with you!


Re-think Brand protection!
Don’t let someone ruin your brand’s pricing.


Sellers on eBay with 1 billion products sold in ’20 and 80% of them are new!


Sellers on Amazon with 480 million products. 100K Sellers with $100K+ annual sales.


Sellers on Walmart with 17 million products.


Number of Sellers it takes to ruin your Brand’s pricing with MAP violation.

Numbers Solutions

What Makes
Us Different?


Automate Monitoring

Let us automate the manual spot checks you are doing today.


Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Our UI was designed by our customers. Can’t get much easier to use than that!



Whether you are monitoring 25 products or 25,000 products we have a plan for you.


Wide integration

All the big guys, check. A lot of little guys, check check. The ability to add new sites on demand, triple check.

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