MAP Monitoring

Amazon price tracking software provides timely
monitoring of your brand’s MAP on Amazon.

MAP Monitor the

Know your products and sellers on Amazon, improve your Strategy!

FrigginYeah!’s Amazon price tracking software provides timely monitoring of your Brand’s MAP on Amazon. Our platform offers complete monitoring of prices on all Amazon 3rd party Sellers. Don’t undertake the tedious and time-consuming process of monitoring your Brand on Amazon, expending valuable human capital. Instead, automate monitoring with an Amazon price tracking software

Increase by unit profitability

Amazon is responsible for a large share of MAP violations, and along with other large retailers, violates MAP by the largest dollar amounts and the most frequently. Nip your MAP problems in the bud.

Monitor on-page content

Beyond MAP, our product scraping software captures your Product Titles, Product Description, Stock Status, Sellers, Buy Box Ownership, and more.

Missing product alerts

There are many different reasons why a product may be missing from a website. Get alerts delivered straight into your inbox when that happens.

All 3Ps.

Monitor your Brand’s prices with FrigginYeah! Amazon price tracking software and stay on top of your pricing policies and in control of your 3P resellers.

Monitor all

Get all product variations no matter the page setup.

Are you tired of only getting one price for all your various products even if they are priced differently? It is time to upscale your price monitoring solution. The reason why you only see one price is because most lower-end providers (read: dirt cheap) are lower-end because they do not go past the list page. (Or they cannot cycle through the product carousels.) This is either a technical limitation with their software or a cost consideration. But either way, it seriously impedes your ability to effectively MAP monitor your products.

All Product Variations

Frame material, cloth color, size, cushion material, product color: you name it, we can track it. And it does not stop with just one variation type. We can increment through whatever product trees exist.

Something New?

We’ve seen just about every product variation combination you can imagine. But if there is one thing we know, it’s that we don’t know everything. So if there is something new, we will build it.

Upscale your Brand Protection

Cheap is not always better. So if your current product monitoring solution skimps on dealing with your product variations, then show them to the door.

3P Sellers.

Give your Brand a competitive edge with reseller price monitoring software.

It takes a lot to safeguard your Brand and to stay on top of your resellers, MAP agreements, and Brand equity. You can drive yourself crazy keeping tabs on all the eCommerce marketplaces, 3P sellers, and prices. Our reseller price monitoring software can keep you up to date on the prices and Sellers of your products.

Track all 3P Sellers

Understanding your products’ prices and resellers’ behavior is key to developing an effective MAP enforcement strategy.

Unauthorized Seller Alerts

Get notified when we see a new seller or an unauthorized seller appear on one of your channels.

3P Seller Profiles

Take away some of the guesswork about who is selling your products with our curated list of seller profiles.

Re-think Brand protection!
Don’t let someone ruin your brand’s pricing.


Sellers on eBay with 1 billion products sold in ’20 and 80% of them are new!


Sellers on Amazon with 480 million products. 100K Sellers with $100K+ annual sales.


Sellers on Walmart with 17 million products.


Number of Sellers it takes to ruin your Brand’s pricing with MAP violation.

Numbers Solutions

What Makes
Us Different?


Automate Monitoring

Let us automate the manual spot checks you are doing today.


Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Our UI was designed by our customers. Can’t get much easier to use than that!



Whether you are monitoring 25 products or 25,000 products we have a plan for you.


Wide integration

All the big guys, check. A lot of little guys, check check. The ability to add new sites on demand, triple check.

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