MAP Monitoring

eBay price tracking software provides timely monitoring of your Brand’s MAP on eBay.

Monitor eBay’s

Know your products to improve eCommerce Strategy!

Own your Brand no matter where it is selling. You need to be up-to-date on the latest pricing data in your marketplace so you can keep a competitive edge and ensure MAP compliance. The right pricing is especially important when selling on eBay. The beauty of eBay is in its marketplace. A product is only worth what someone will pay for it. But this means prices are highly competitive and that MAP violations are commonplace. You need an eBay price monitoring software that will provide you with the data needed to protect your Brand—who is selling your products, at what price, and, most importantly, who is violating your MAP.

Track All Sellers

Over 90% of eBay transactions are new prodcuts. We can track all your eBay Sellers and provide comprehensive pricing reports.

Only New

eBay can be one of the messier marketplaces. Junk-in / Junk-out. But by tracking products only listed as New, we help filter the noise.

Automated Alerts

Get violation alerts sent directly to your inbox daily with all the information needed to take actionable compliance steps.

More than just Price

We will provide the Product Title, Product Description, Seller Information, Price, and listed MFR SKU.


UPC Search

Let eBay’s search algorithm work for you!

Pinpoint accuracy with UPC based product searches. Relying on Brand Name plus Product Name or Brand Name plus MFR SKU really leaves you with a noisy dataset. With false positives and false negatives galore. With our product monitoring UPC search on eBay you will gain new confidence in your ability to effectively monitor this channel.

UPC Based Searches

High-fidelity results with UPC based searches. Identify all products being sold no matter how your Brand’s MFR SKU gets mangled to hide a listing.

Customizable Filters

We can setup customizable filters to exludes any type of result you do not want included in your MAP reports.

Track Sellers
selling NEW

If you are not price monitoring today.

Every day there are marketplace sellers, authorized or not, trying to figure out ways to get a competitive edge on other marketplace sellers even on the marketplace themselves. There are many nuances to how sellers try to edge their way to the front of the pack to own the coveted Buy Box, but all of it really comes down to a function of price.


Re-think Brand protection!
Don’t let someone ruin your brand’s pricing.


Sellers on eBay with 1 billion products sold in ’20 and 80% of them are new!


Sellers on Amazon with 480 million products. 100K Sellers with $100K+ annual sales.


Sellers on Walmart with 17 million products.


Number of Sellers it takes to ruin your Brand’s pricing with MAP violation.

Numbers Solutions

What Makes
Us Different?


Automate Monitoring

Let us automate the manual spot checks you are doing today.


Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Our UI was designed by our customers. Can’t get much easier to use than that!



Whether you are monitoring 25 products or 25,000 products we have a plan for you.


Wide integration

All the big guys, check. A lot of little guys, check check. The ability to add new sites on demand, triple check.

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