Start Trial's Digital Shelf - June 2022

July 28th 2022, 11:32:40 am
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ThriveMarket is an online grocery store whose original mission of providing high-quality, shelf-stable products at a fraction of the price has continued to expand. This expansion has made more and more 3rd parties interested in monitoring its digital shelf

Now, they offer not only the existing brands they've launched with but have continued to expand their categories through the addition of other known brands, and they have started to white label under their own branding. Furthermore, they have moved into frozen goods. However, the latter is of less interest at the moment.

We leveraged our advanced scraping technologies to automatically scrape the hundreds of brands and thousands of products that are available. We've even pinpointed on a large chunk of products that have Minimum Advertised Price violations, but that wasn't the goal here. 

Our plan is to continue to monitor Thrive Market month over month doing product and price scraping. We will then levreage that data and provide these free high-level reports on what we believe are interesting Thrive Market KPI's. 

If you might be interested in more detailed data please drop us a note.

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