ToxicNatos keeps an eye on its Competition

March 19th 2021, 7:16:02 am
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How ToxicNATOs keeps an eye on its Competition.

ToxicNATOs is a small veteran-owned watch strap brand based in Colorado Springs, Co. They offer nylon, seatbelt, and leather NATO-styled straps to a small but fiercely loyal customer base. Being in a crowded market, they find it best to stay on top of their competitor brands' pricing for like-kind products on the various marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart as well as niche retailer websites.

Using ToxicNATO-provided product inputs, FrigginYeah leveraged existing price monitoring integrations to price scrape various competitive brands and provide email alerts showing brands competitive to ToxicNATOS. These reports have helped optimize their product pricing as well as help identify new product opportunities.

“It was awesome to start seeing competitive pricing data as it really allowed me to identify some areas of improvement in our catalog,” said Terry, the owner/operator of ToxicNATOS. “We are really looking forward to using FrigginYeah to monitor our product's Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) as we expand our distribution channels.”

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