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March 19th 2021, 6:56:35 am
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We get this question a lot. Sometimes, it is from a Retailer who clicked through looking for competitive pricing, which we do provide, but only to brands. Other times it is when we are at conferences advertising MAP monitoring to the Brands who happen to be in attendance. The latter of which we always receive a surprising amount of incredulity over our business position. 

But we think it's pretty simple… 

If we provide retailer repricing data that is used in a competitive fashion, then we are not helping the Brands that we set out to in the first place. So, a Brand ends up paying us for a service monitoring price movement that we would, in effect, be causing. It would definitely be a self-fulfilling business venture, but not one that we would feel happy about founding. 

Was it tough making this decision? 

Not from an ethical standpoint, no. It was pretty easy in our early days to make heavily principled decisions and cast our lot in with Brands looking for a MAP monitoring solution. 

What is rewarding for our team is to hear feedback on our product, not just from the aspect of the data we provide, but also the emotions it elicits… “Wow, we now have people walking around the office screaming ‘FrigginYeah!’” from a brand that just signed up from one of our competitors. 

Or another “We are equally happy and upset now that we have signed up. We never knew how bad our channels were because our previous provider missed so much…” 

The latter is the classic “known, unknowns” scenario. This brand new they had a MAP problem but did not know the severity of its minimum advertised price violations and unauthorized sellers until they switched from a competitor to us. 

Our strength lies in price scraping. With hundreds of sites currently in our library, we can access any consumer-facing product detail page and provide you with product pricing. Imagine finally hearing from a provider, “We can do that!”. 

Contact us today to learn more. 

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