Our StoryDedication to making data awesome for our Customers

We were born from need.

A need from our very first customer to really get better web data to make better decisions. They had tried all the big guys out there and they all failed at one thing or the other. Usually, all of them had the same problems and every one had their own nuanced issues. So we listen, we documented, we prototyped, we iterated, and we continue to improve every single day to ensure that not just our first customer, but all of our customers, get what they are looking for through our product and service.

Our team is small but mighty. We are scrappy, hungry, and striving to succeed in a complicated world of pseudo solutions, spaghetti code, and data sources who don’t like us helping our customers get more insights into their products.

Want to join Frigginyeah?

We’re always looking for folks that are the best at what they do. If we do not have an opening posted that fits your skillz, no worries, send us a note and let us know what you are good at and how you think you might be able to help make retail data more awesome for our customers!


Business Development

Los Angeles | South Bay (Remote OK), Business Development, Full Time

Matt O.


When we were looking for pricing information across the web, Frigginyeah was not only able to provide accurate and reliable data, but did it affordably.

Sarah G.


FrigginYeah helped us get from 160 unauthorized sellers down to 35, and we only have 18 MAP violations on Amazon (down from about 85 at one point).

Our Investors

We are not actively seeking new investors, but are always happy to talk.