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Staying competitive in an increasingly complex and evolving selling atmosphere isn’t easy. But with FrigginYeah!’s competitive monitoring software, we empower you with competitive pricing intelligence so you can improve your price competitiveness, and profits. We provide high-quality, timely, and accurate price monitoring data from all the major Retail and Marketplace e-commerce websites. Yeah! You need this.

FrigginYeah! MAP Monitoring software is already integrated with hundreds of retailers.

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Competitive Pricing Intelligence Tool | Price Monitoring Software

We track your competitor’s prices online across hundreds of websites. Our competitive monitoring software gives you better visibility into your product catalog, your sellers and your competition. Our report provides detailed product price monitoring and gives you the ability to view your products in predefined reports. You can drill down and see how a product is trending, select retailers to focus on and even group products together. Reports can be easily downloaded and shared internally or with your sellers.

  • Track Competitor Prices Across Hundreds of Sites
  • Reports Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Track Pricing Trends & Get Ahead of the Market
  • Get Actionable Data For Better Profitability

Our competitive monitoring software allows for flexible scheduling so you decide how often you want your reports…daily, weekly, bi-weekly. We utilize a SaaS application for quick, actionable intelligence and your reports can be customized for your specific needs or select one of our default reports. Important data at your fingertips, exactly how you want it.

Competitive monitoring software lets you keep track of products, prices, and promotions online. We monitor markets at any time of the day, tracking your product and your competitors to keep you in the know. Our competitive monitoring software provides the data you need to know exactly where you stand in the market so that you can adjust boost sales for your product. Understanding how your pricing strategy compares to your competition is essential for profitable growth. Utilizing the data provided by our competitive monitoring software, you can set your prices right where they need to be, not too high and not too low, so that you stay competitive and profitable. Everybody wants to edge their way to the front of the pack of the marketplace and it all really boils down to how you are priced.

If you’re not monitoring, you’re not winning. To own your market, you need to know your market. Contact us for a demo of the FrigginYeah! competitive monitoring software to see how easy it is to improve your e-commerce strategy and start saving time, maximizing margins and beat your competition. Yeah! We got you!

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