MAP Monitoring

Wayfair price tracking software provides timely monitoring of your brand’s MAP

Gain access to previously hard to get data.

They can’t hide from what they can’t see!

We employ sophisticated proxy methods to ensure we get great data for our Brands from Wayfair. Compare this to most of our competitors who have long given up trying to get meaningful and repeatable results and you will see why we are considered the best in the business.

Increase Wayfair Conversions

Increase your sales on Wayfair by identifying where you might be overprice, compared to other retailers, or where your products might not even be showing available online.

Track Product Content

See your on-page product information. Including nuggets of info like your Product Name, Product Description, Number of images, and more.

Get alerts of what is offline

Configure actionable alerts to be notified when a product(s) drop offline from Wayfair or go out of stock.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Moving to automated price monitoring on Wayfair allows you to ditch the manual spreadsheet entry and move into taking action on your data.


Monitor Product

Don’t be foiled by Wayfairs tricky content delivery system and 3rd party “anti-bot” companies.

What good is a product monitoring software that only tracks the main variation? Or can’t differentiate between what is in stock, what’s out of stock, or even the varying price point? Easy answer, its no good! Let us take this problem away and allow our MAP monitoring solution to do they work for you.

Track ALL of your products

Wayfair makes it notoriously difficult for you as a Brand to monitor what is happening on it’s website at any given time. Our automated MAP monitoring software puts that difficulty to bed.

Global Insight

No matter if Wayfair is selling your product under your Brand name or under a White Label we can track it.

Track Reviews.

Inject Wayfair customer sentiment data into your marketing pipeline.

Wayfair does not only make getting pricing data difficult. They also try to put valuable customer feedback behind lock and key. With our sophisticated web scraping platform, advanced proxies, and good ol’ fashion grit we get you the information you need to make the right decisions.

Reviews and Ratings

Get the review content, date, and product information so that your team can dig right in.

Review Alerts

Don’t worry about checking the dashboard every hour. We will email you the new reviews as we scrape them.

Re-think Brand protection!
Don’t let someone ruin your brand’s pricing.


Sellers on eBay with 1 billion products sold in ’20 and 80% of them are new!


Sellers on Amazon with 480 million products. 100K Sellers with $100K+ annual sales.


Sellers on Walmart with 17 million products.


Number of Sellers it takes to ruin your Brand’s pricing with MAP violation.

Numbers Solutions

What Makes
Us Different?


Automate Monitoring

Let us automate the manual spot checks you are doing today.


Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Our UI was designed by our customers. Can’t get much easier to use than that!



Whether you are monitoring 25 products or 25,000 products we have a plan for you.


Wide integration

All the big guys, check. A lot of little guys, check check. The ability to add new sites on demand, triple check.

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