Start Trial's Digital Shelf - March 2023

May 1st 2023, 10:08:08 am
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We are continuing our long term review of Thrive Market's digital shelf. 

One of the key takeaway's is Thrive is continuing to expand their White Label products and has increased the number of "Thrive Market" branded products. Rosey, by Thrive Market, has remained relatively stable and f.a.e., by Thrive Market, chalked up one more additional product offering available. 

Taking a look at the overall product set we did see a big swing in additional prodcuts labeled "New", up this month by over 301 vs 97 in the month of February. Meanwhile Thrive's overal Product's available remained largely stable only ticking up an aditional 8 products (in raw count) over the month. So what that indicates to us is there is a healthy turnover of available products by Thrive. Which is probably a combo of removing things that do not seem to be selling well, unable to continue to reliable fill, or other supply chain issues. 

Please keep an eye out for April's numbers as we are goign to start going a bit deeper than aggregate numbers. 

This information was aggregated using FrigginYeah’s shelf space discovery application. Shelf space discovery is the process of identifying and analyzing the placement and positioning of products on physical and digital retail shelves. This process is crucial for businesses to optimize their product visibility and sales. 

We are a leader in the space providing MAP violation software, competitive price intelligence, shelf space discovery, and more.

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